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VATA person - characteristic

Smaller stature, irregular energy and hunger level, low tolerance of physical load, dry skin, do not withstand cold weather, react with anxiety or fear to stress, are sensitive and creative, have bright intellect, light sleep.

In human body, Vata is charged with the exchange of information in the nerve system, circulation, food shifting by digestive tract and excretion. Váta will have low tolerance to hot weather, it prefers agreeably cool place to stay in the sun. This person likes eating, so he/she has problem to leave out food or to fast for a longer period.

Individual of vata constitution will be rich of ideas, however he/she will be missing of energy to materialise them. The nerve system of Vata is weak and forces its bearer to frequent rest and substantial sleep. Hunger and energy are changeable, such as mood and ability to keep regular life rhythm. Vata types suffer from dry skin.

Especially in winter they tend to depression. Their digestion is irregular with tendency to constipation. They are also susceptible to common cold, sleeplessness, nervousness, headaches and blood pressure disorder. These people do not withstand cold weather and their hands and legs are always cold.

Vata should not consume cold and raw foodstuffs and should have regular life rhythm. Windy and cold autumn, sitting-up long at night and stress can harm them.

The suitable mean to balance this dosha is the introduction of daily routine with warm, nutritious meals and massage with warm special (sesame) oil.

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