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PITTA person - characteristic

Medium stature, big appetite and a lot of energy, aimed at their goal, bright intellect, do not stand hot weather and prefer cold meal.

Digestion and metabolism, including exchange of material works in the principle of Pitta. Because digestion and metabolism are the main function of pitta constitution, this person will tend to digestive complains, such as stomach hyperacidity, heartburn and stomach ulcer. Other sensitive organs are liver, gall bladder, pancreatic gland, then in general inflammatory feverish diseases, sight complaint and tendency to dermal disease.

As far as the psychological side is concerned they have natural tendency to „fiery“ feeling such as anger, fury, impatience, negative and critical thinking including dissatisfaction and searching for solution in excessive activity. On the other side pitta psychology is marked by strong intellect, good memory, rhetorical gift and organisational ability.

We can find increased Pitta during hot weather, when eating hot and spicy meals and in demanding jobs.

On the contrary, swimming, raw vegetable salad and sweet fruit cool down the hot Pitta and restore to the initial state.

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