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KAPHA persons - characteristic

Rather stout, calm character, do not stand cold and humid weather, have deep sleep, fatty skin, are marked by high tolerance to physical load.

On the contrary, Kapha is in charge of muscle and fatty tissue and skeleton as supporting system. Kapha type is on the contrary is marked by large amount of physical energy. These people like calm, good cheer and sometimes they tend to laziness.

They like eating and because their digestion is slow, they can easily put on weight. They suffer from phlegm, especially if they take cold drink, such as milk. As far as the psychological side is concerned they cannot stand changes. They then react with passivity or negativity. On the other hand they are very cordial and nice types.

Kapha increases a sedentary way of life, fat, sweet meals, humid and cold weather.

We can balance Kapha by means of active way of life and digestible warm meals (vegetables, cereals, and bitter fruit).

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