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Procedures and pricelist

Personal consultation with pulse diagnosis Determination of your body type and imbalance by pulse diagnosis. The personal consultation concludes with the recommendation of an individual plan incorporating good conduct of life, diet, procedures, and the prescription of appropriate herbs.

  • 60 minutes…from 490,–CZK to 900,–CZK according to time and an office.

On-line consultations On-line consultation includes the forwarding of questionnaire by e-mail, which you fill in and send back. Then you will get (according to your choice which you have ticked) by e-mail, postal mail or fax a detailed recommendation concerning lifestyle, diet and appropriate herbs.

  • On-line consultation…490,–CZK

Shirodhara Ancient effective and well-tried method acting curatively on approximately 80 illnesses. A purification technique, during which a deep relaxation of nervous system occurs by means of application of warm oil on the head.

  • 45–60 minutes…from 390,–CZK, from 3 procedures discount.

Cosmetic with natural Ayurvedic preparations and Aloe Vera

  • Basic cosmetic treatment (removal of old make-up, eyebrow trimming, peeling, basic massage-décolletage, neck, face, cleaning, mask, day cream, make-up)… 350 CZK
  • General cosmetic treatment (see above) with addition of 100% pure extract of Aloe Vera… 550,– CZK
  • General lifting cure (neck and face smoothing and lifting)… 690,–CZK

Ayurvedic massages Deep relaxation and regeneration Ayurvedic massage (head, face, and whole body).

  • The whole body massage called Deha samuahana (with relax music+aromatherapy) (60–90 min)…from 600,–CZK
  • Backs + neck (45–60 min)….from 400,–CZK
  • Head massage called Kesa Mardana or facial massage (30 min)…..from 250,–CZK
  • Special head and facial (60 min)…from 500,–CZK
  • Marma massage (60–90 minutes)…450,–CZK
  • Prana Sthana (Special Ayurvedic, mild relaxation method for counteracting stress, 60 minutes)…350,–CZK

Basti Basti is the application of warm oil and herbs into the large intestines, without adding medicaments or chemicals. It purifies the organism, gives energy, rejuvenates the organs and the skin, and helps to reduce weight.

  • 45 – 60 minutes…300,– CZK

Nasya and Karna Purna Application of oil and herbs into the nose and into the ears; it is favourable for respiratory system, cavity inflammation, chest and bronchia filled with phlegm, in case of discomforts with cervical backbone, for vertigo, dizzy spells, and tinitis (buzzing in the ears).

60 minutes…350,–CZK

Treatment by Gentle touch Treatment by touch has been used in therapy of aches and pains for more than 100 years. It is a 100% natural technique. Treatment by touch quickly and thoroughly eliminates spasms of muscles which cause pains. We are the only center in the Czech Republic that uses this original, effective treatment of various types of pain (e.g. back, head and rheumatic complaints) and haemorrhoids.

  • 30 minutes…250,–CZK
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