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Ayurvedic massages

Ayurvedic oil masage called Abhyanga

What is abhyanga? Our massages are done by masseurs from Nepal. According to Ayurvedic science, oil massage is very important for the health. There are four primary reasons for giving a massage in Ayurveda: (1) to eliminate toxins or excess, (2) to purify, (3) to rejuvenate, and (4) to maintain the strength.

What are the effects? Massage in Ayurveda is one of the keys to longevity because it controls the Vata dosha and it is this dosha that dries us out as we age, causing everything from wrinkled skin to constipation. The skin is our largest organ. It discharges waste substances, is involved in the breathing process, and self-regenerates by replacing necrotic cells with new ones. In addition it produces the largest amount of hormones of all organs. Important chemical substances penetrate into the blood from the skin, e.g. growth hormones by skin stimulation, so it is possible to influence the emotions by means of hormones. Massage brings harmony and energy to the body. Massage promotes the blood circulation and slows down the skin ageing process. The oil used in the massage counterbalances the Ayuverda-principle „Vata“ which gets out of balance due to overwork, stress, nervous tension and other burdens of everyday life. The healing aspects of all the essential oils that we use in all our massage oil add another dimension to the effectiveness of these ayurvedic aromatherapy massage oils. A growing body of research shows that massage offers health benefits throughout the life cycle: increases blood circulation, reduces stress hormones, increases range of motion, reduces depression, and enhances immune function.

What is the difference between Ayurvedic and western massage?** Ayurvedic massage is more advanced than Western massage therapeutically. Western massage is strong in techniques and is very sophisticated in this respect. But, its actual medical effectiveness is far less than massage used in Ayurveda. This is primarily because it uses herbs, oils, and scents to balance the three doshas according to the individual’s needs, and it understands fully the marma points and the nadi meridian system that control the pranas (lifeforce). Ayurvedic massage can be used in both ways – either to strengthen the system or to help clean and reduce excess in the system.

Which oil is used? The purpose of Abhyanga (massage) is to remove the imbalance that has arisen due to physical, mental and spiritual stress. The principal ingredient in all Ayurveda-oils is mature, highly valuable, medicinal sesame oil. We use only cold-pressed oils, not chemically treated. The oil reduces the presence of bacteria and free radicals (counteracting the process of ageing). Herbs are added according to traditional recipes. The core of Ayurveda is an ideal combination of herbs According to Ayurveda there is a ‚fire‘ principle in your body that is responsible for all transformation. Oil tends to be hard to digest, so if you put a lot of oil on your skin, your body will take fire from your internal Stomach-Small Intestine digestive fire and move it to your skin to help digest the oil. This drains your central digestive fire. What we do is to infuse herbs into these oils that increase the body’s ability to digest them. Otherwise, if they are not properly digested, they will just drain your digestive fire at best and will likely also cause congestion in your tissue and channels and toxic buildup. Our oils come with their own digestive power, making it easier for your body to assimilate their healing power. First we use ayurvedic and western base cold-pressed organic oils that are suitable for that particular dosha, secondly we infuse organic certified herbs into the base oil that help balance the particular ayurvedic dosha, and thirdly, we add a significant amount of beautiful aromatherapy essential oils to the mix.

What is the price?

  • The whole body massage called Deha samuahana (with relax music+aromatherapy) (60–90 min)…from 600,–CZK
  • Backs + neck (45–60 min)…from 400,–CZK
  • Head massage called Kesa Mardana (30 min).....from 250,–CZK
  • Facial and head massage (30 min) …from 250,–CZK
  • Special head and facial (60 min)…from 500,–CZK

Marma massage

What is marma therapy? It is Ayurvedic, very gentle energy harmonizing massage of important points on the body. It triggers self-curing and self-purgative processes in the body.

What is price? 60–90 minutes…450,– CZK

Ayurvedic energetic massage Prana sthana

What is prana sthana? Prana Sthana is Ayurvedic, mild relaxation method for counteracting stress. Harmonises Chakras.

What is price? 60 minutes…300,–CZK

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