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On-line consultation

About personal consultation

Your online consultation will be a report of approximately 2–5 pages covering areas of suggested self-care such as daily routines, foods to prefer or avoid, herbs, spices, etc. A healthy lifestyle includes all aspects of life: health of body, mind, spirit, emotions and environment. To cultivate radiant health, it is best to give equal attention to diet, rest, healthy relationships and communications without omitting any of them.

The suggestions offered during your online/ phone consultation will depend on your commitment to your health and well being. It is best to schedule an appointment when you are ready to make some lifestyle changes. You will know when you are ready; you will have a desire to refine your life and health. I will work with you at your own pace and we will work together as partners in your healing process. Some possible lifestyle suggestions are: Nutrition, Meditation, A simple at home cleanse,Spices and Herbs, Color, Oils, Aroma-therapy, Recommended reading, Avoiding certain foods, www.ayurveda.cz/de-toxification-and-rejuvenation, Ayurvedic Massage or other types of body work.


  • The consultation includes the filling-in of a lifestyle diary (see left menu), which you can print out and fill it in over a period of 5 days.
  • The consultation includes 2 filling-in of a questionnaires (see left menu), which you can print out and fill it.
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