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Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation

Complete detoxification and rejuvenation, suitable for prevention and most chronic diseases such as overweight, migraine, diabetes, backache, skin diseases, mental problem etc.

Why is detoxification necessary?Our body needs cleaning internally and externally. We manage to clean the body externally by way of bath etc. but we are not able to clean it internally. Inside our body, numerous functions are continuously performed. The metabolism which is going on at the level of each and every cell in the body generates waste products (toxins) which get accumulated in the various systems, tissues and organs. These toxins need to be removed periodically, because if they get accumulated they can interfere and disrupt the normal functioning of these systems or organs, which can give rise to various diseases like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, heart diseases etc . Normally body tries to expel these waste products, but the efforts are not sufficient, as some of them are very sticky and remain in those tissues, organs or systems. Ayurveda has a perfect understanding of the body hence it has advised Panchakarma, for the complete detoxification and rejuvenation of the body.This detoxification therapy is essential for everybody in order to lead a healthy and disease free life. More detailed information about Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation here

When is detoxification useful?

  • in healthy people(prevention is always better than cure)
  • for rejuvenation of the whole body
  • for sexual potention and fertility
  • in the treatment of chronic diseases, f.e. chronic fever, joint inflammations, rheumatic arthritis, backache, gout, hemorrhoids, diabetes, heart disease, anorexia, gynecological disorders, skin diseases, eczema and psoriasis, liver diseases, chronic diarrhoea, throat, ear, eye and nose disorders, oedema, fatigue, exhaustion, overweight, colds, asthma, nervous disorders, sexual disorders, headaches and migraines, flatulence and gas, urine and gallbladder stones, depression, insomnia…

The main benefits derived from detoxification therapy lasts several moths and your body is 5 years younger!

Personalized detoxification-cleansing and rejuvenation program with Ayurvedic medicine in a private resort All Panchakarma Packages include some of the following procedures: a daily approx. two-hour treatment consisting of a warm, nurturing oil massage given by experienced therapists, individual nutrition (fresh food is prepared for you every day during your program), Ayurvedic massages using herbal oils, full body steam treatment, warm herb baths, herbal purgatives, special oil for nose and ear purification, and shirodhara. (Shirodhara is an ancient, effective and well-tried purification technique that has a curative effect on approximately 80 illnesses; it involves application of warm oil to the head to bring about deep relaxation of the nervous system.)

Also included are aromatherapy, healing music, procedures for improving vision and heart function. Deep relaxation to deeply integrate the benefits of the treatment Rejuvenatives are then given. All programs include lectures about health, meditation and Pranayama (breathing exercises). After completion of the Panchakarma regimen, rejuvenatives are given.


I. 16.3.-25.3. 2007 Location: Spa Vráž, Czech Republic

II. 20.4.-29.4. 2007 Location: Spa Vráž, Czech Republic

III. 21.9.-30.9. 2007 Location: Spa Vráž, Czech Republic

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